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Okay, Olivia Wilde Made Lunching Cool Again In This Edgy-But-Classy Outfit

Ladies who lunch and look fabulous.

5 Fashion Lessons To Learn From Scandinavian It Girls

Apparently, good style is part of the culture.

I Tried A "Space Suit" To Lose A Few Inches And Here's What Happened

The results were surprising.

The 9 Podcasts To Download ASAP

Expand your mind, have a little fun and get inspired.

A Fashion Girl's Case For A Cluttered Closet

Color me sentimental.

The 7 Top Beauty Destinations In LA Right Now

As if we didn’t love this city enough.

The Toxic Behavior You Need To Avoid At All Costs

We’re still getting it wrong.

Why These Five Unlikely Spots Should Be On Your Summer-Vacay Short List

Don’t wait for the snow—go now.


This Is How The Chanel Set Dresses For A Night Out

Achingly cool It girls, up-and-coming actors and more turn out in their best for the storied French brand.

Why J.Crew's Recent Troubles Feel Personal To Me

We have history.

The 5 Music Festivals You Need To Get On Your Calendar ASAP

Good times and great tunes, right this way.

Alexa Chung

Why I'm Happily Unmarried

One editor sounds off.

How A Fashion Girl Does Vintage Watches

Because even your watch should stand out from the crowd.

The Hot New Vacation Spot For Pop Stars, A-Listers And Everyone In Between

Why not make your vacation truly Instagram worthy?

4 Reasons You Should Get Up Before 6am

Rising with the sun (or before it) has its benefits.

5 Things To Remember When Your Heart Is Broken

Everything is going to be alright.

Shorts Season 4

How I Got Over Showing The Massive Scar On My Leg

One editor on dressing for summer with unsightly scars.

First Year Of Marriage

The 5 Things To Know About Surviving The First Year Of Marriage

It ain’t always easy.

The 5 Life Lessons To Teach The Young Women In Your Life

They’ll run the world.

Packing Tips

5 Packing Fails Every Girl Can Relate To

So relatable.

Chanel Gabrielle Bag Street Style

The One Chanel Bag Every Street-Style Star Is Wearing

Another iconic carryall from the storied brand.

Why I Don't Use Dating Apps: One Editor's True Tale Of Cyber Avoidance

They’re not for everyone—here’s why.

Kim Kardashian

PSA: Airfare To Iceland Is $220 Roundtrip This Summer

It’s international, and airfare is $220 roundtrip.

Lily Collins

Go Inside Chanel's Star-Studded Pre-Oscars Dinner

Plus, get a sneak peek at the new Gabrielle bag.

Chanel's Newest Cult Product Is Only $30

Your makeup bag is about to go to the next level.

Why The Concept Of Mr. Right Is Totally Outdated

Dating clichés, discussed.

alexander wang bbt s14 002

5 Skin Resolutions You Should Be Making For 2017

Make a well-thought-out skincare routine a top priority this year.

What To Know Before You Dive Into A Detox

Follow these tips, and 2017 may be your healthiest year yet.

Atlantic Pacific Ski Outfit

The Must-Have Pieces To Master Ski Chic

It’s never been so fab to be a ski bunny.

Chanel Cruise

The New Chanel Accessory We're Obsessed With

It’s not a purse.

Why Family Traditions Are Even More Important This Year

One editor’s musings on the value of togetherness.

Winter Street Style

What To Buy For The Friend Who Has "Everything"

Stop saying they’re impossible to shop for—nothing is impossible.

The 4 Things To Know About Communicating With Men

Helpful advice you might want to consider.

Fergie & Josh Duhamel Halloween

Why I Hate Halloween

Why this editor feels it’s more of a trick than a treat.

No Phone, Big Problems: One Editor's (Humorous) Tale Of Losing Hers For 24 Hours

Hint: I realized I was helpless.

Eddie Bauer x Pendleton

The Limited-Edition Fall Jacket We're Obsessed With

Meet the new must-have bomber.

The 5 Things To Ask Yourself In The Dressing Room

Things to consider before you pull out the plastic.

chanel dinner lily rose depp 1000

This Is The New Chanel Product Every Girl Should Own

We got the scoop directly from the cult brand.

I Had My First Peel, And Here’s What Happened

One editor’s first-hand experience.

Career Advice

The 5 Lessons I've Learned So Far In My Career

Pearls of wisdom.

Circus Royalty

This Is How Fashion Girls Dress For Date Night

Circus Royalty is what your closet has been waiting for.

Croakies Street Style

The Unlikely Accessories Trend Making A Comeback

One editor extols the virtues of this unique retro trend.

Chanel Thinks You Should Be Wearing This Color Makeup

It’s never been chicer to be a Lady in Red.

Summer Event Dressing

What To Wear To Summer Events When The Dress Code Isn't Casual

Denim cutoffs aren’t appropriate. Now what?

The 5 Lessons I Learned From Having a Toxic Coworker

Sometimes a bad experience is a great teacher.

men Street Style

The 5 Lessons I Learned From Going On a Business Trip With All Men

Navigating office relationships outside the office.

summer beach reads

This Summer's Must-Have Beach Reads, Straight From An Expert

The author of last year’s hottest book gives us some insider knowledge.

Summer Festivals

Our Guide To The 2016 Festivals You Can't Miss

From great films to great minds, these are the don’t-miss events of the next several months.

Street Style Running Girl

How A Freak Accident Taught Me The Importance Of Slowing Down

Sometimes it takes something bad to make you realize all that’s good.

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