5 Things To Do On Instagram Instead Of Comparing Yourself With Others

For someone who’s obsessed with Instagram, it can be hard not to let the constant influx of perfect images wear on you. As much as we love it for keeping us up-to-date on our friends, fashion news and memes, the overwhelming amount of documentation is also a proven source of anxiety. But you don’t need a scientific study to tell you that—we’ve all experienced feelings of longing and inadequacy when scrolling through our friends’ dreamy vacations or #sponsored shopping sprees. We know it’s a highlight reel, and we’re all guilty of contributing to it, but sometimes we just need to reevaluate how we’re letting it affect our mood and greater well-being. Next time you find yourself comparing your life with someone else’s posts and getting a bout of the blues as a result, try partaking in one of these more positive options instead.

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