The 5 Most Common Relationship Problems, According To Therapists

Show me a couple that never squabbles over unwashed dishes, lets frustration fester or goes to bed angry, and I’ll show you a couple of liars.  Not all relationship issues are deal-breakers, but all relationships do have issues—it’s to be expected when two people grow and evolve while also sharing a Netflix account.

Whether you and your S.O. are celebrating your six-month or six-year anniversary, it’s important to identify and confront newfound (or ongoing) issues—even when it can be challenging to do so. “All those little things that you sweep under the rug need to be discussed so that they don’t all come up together,” says psychotherapist Augusta Gordon, LCSW.

But where do you start? How do you initiate a convo about your partner’s passive aggressive texting behavior or short fuse without setting them off? And how to do let down your own walls so that your relationship can mature?

Here, relationship professionals share the most common problems they see, and the best ways to resolve them.


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