How To Date Like A French Girl

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with the effortless style and beauty of French women. There is, however, one other important thing for which they seem to possess an innate talent, and that is charming the opposite sex (to such an extent that the book He’s Just Not That Into You was met with blank stares when it attempted to repeat its American success on French shores). To gain further insight into the phenomenon that is French romance, and the power women seem to exercise within it, we called What French Women Know: About Love, Sex, and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind author Debra Ollivier for a little heart-to-heart on the subject. The American—who spent a dozen years in France and met and married her (French) husband there—blew our minds. Here’s what she told us about French women and their interactions with men, including some tips on changing our very mind-sets about love, marriage and all the rest.

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