5 Workout Moves You Can Literally Do In Front Of The TV

Running can be a divisive topic, like cilantro or Goop wellness tips: Some people love it and some people would literally rather do anything else. If you fall into the latter camp of not being particularly treadmill inclined, these moves are for you. (They’re also for anyone who wants to switch up their regular routine.)

“A high-intensity interval training (aka HIIT) routine delivers the same cardiovascular perks as running,” says Karena Dawn, who cofounded Tone It Up with Katrina Scott. “We love our morning runs,” adds Katrina, “but we also like to switch it up and HIIT is the ultimate heart-pumping cardio workout. It raises your heart rate and boosts your metabolism while toning your lean, sexy muscles.”

The duo shared with us five moves that’ll get you all the benefits of running—without, you know, actually having to run. Bonus: These moves also help you tone your muscles. Go through the entire circuit three times, as quickly as you can, while maintaining good form.

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